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When it comes to Cryotherapy, IV Infusion Treatments, and Fat Reduction, Cryo Cairns has become synonymous with excellence.

We offer exceptional, noninvasive treatments that have concrete results.

Amazing Benefits of Cryo Treatments

  • Look and feel younger and healthier

  • Energise and revitalise your body and mind

  • Flatten your stomach and reduce cellulite

  • Recover faster after physical activities

Cryotherapy for Muscle Recovery

Are you an active athlete looking for help with muscle recovery in cairns? After a vigorous workout or competitive week, it can sometimes take days or even weeks to feel like your muscles are back to full strength. From marathoners to bodybuilders and beyond, many athletes believe in the power of cryotherapy for faster sport recovery. At Cryo Cairns, we are proud to offer cryotherapy recovery treatments in cairns.

If you are thinking about trying whole-body cryotherapy as a strategy for sport recovery in cairns, you might be wondering what specific benefits this type of treatment can deliver. Here are a few of the reasons why athletes have adopted cryotherapy as a go-to post-workout or post-competition habit:

Benefits of Cryotherapy for Muscle Recovery
  • It helps deliver oxygen to the muscles. One of the reasons you experience soreness after a hard workout is because your muscles lack oxygen. Cryotherapy helps provide both oxygen and essential nutrients to your muscles, enabling them to recover more quickly.
  • It gets you back in the game. Cryotherapy can significantly reduce the recovery period after a demanding physical activity. By helping your body take care of muscle soreness, tension and fatigue, this type of recovery treatment in cairns not only gets your body ready to return to the field or the track but also reduces your susceptibility to future injuries.
  • It delivers health benefits that go beyond muscle recovery. While cryotherapy is most powerful as a treatment for muscle fatigue, it also offers a range of other health benefits. These include enhancements in muscle endurance and joint function, acceleration of metabolism, improvement in sleep patterns and release of endorphins.


Also known as cryo-shaping, Cryolipolysis is a clinically proven, safe, and effective procedure that reduces fat cells, particularly in areas of your body that are resilient to diet and exercise.

By applying sufficient low temperatures to the skin’s surface, excessive fatty stubborn tissues are permanently dissolved and destroyed. Results are visible three to four weeks after the first treatment. Depending on your body type, we recommend a treatment program of three or more treatments to maintain and enhance results.

Benefits of Cryolipolysis
  • Firming Of The Skin
  • Circumference Reduction
  • Detoxification
  • General Wellbeing

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

At Cryo Cairns, we are proud to offer lymphatic drainage massage as a key lymph treatment in Cairns. Through a gentle massage technique, we can restart the stalled lymphatic flow, encourage the natural drainage of lymph, and flush out toxins. This process creates a long list of benefits, including:

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Reducing swelling.
    Lymphatic swelling can create a great deal of discomfort and pain throughout the body. By helping flush out the lymphatic system, our drainage massages can help reduce this swelling over time.
  • Boosting the immune system.
    Detoxing the body and getting the lymphatic system flowing again are two essential processes to bring the immune system back to full strength. In this regard, a lymphatic drainage massage in cairns can be very beneficial for your long-term health.
  • Weight-loss benefits.
    We often utilise lymphatic massage for patients who come to us seeking assistance with weight loss in cairns. While lymphatic drainage is not guaranteed to bring about weight loss, it can release water retention in the body, improve liver and kidney function (which in turn removes toxins and enable weight loss) and even reduce cellulite for post-weight-loss patients. We often offer lymphatic drainage massages alongside localised cryotherapy treatments and cellulite reduction packages, as all of these treatments are complementary.

Beauty & Wellness Therapies From Cryo Cairns

Looking for a great gift for a loved one, or perhaps you want to kickstart your own journey back to feeling and looking better?

Cryo Cairns offers a variety of beauty and wellness packages – designed to be the perfect mix of treatments to suit your needs.

Our Beauty Therapies:
  • Total Transformation Package
    • Transform your body and mind
      • Sculpt-x, Teeth Whitening, IV Therapy Cryolipolysis & Cryofacial
  • Ultimate Makeover Package
    • Feel better, look better and live better in no time
      • Cellulite Reduction, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Whole Body Cryo & Cryofacial
  • Ultimate Fitness Package
    • Achieve peak performance and enhance your athleticism
      • Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localised Cryotherapy, Sculpt-X & Intramuscular Injection of your choice

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Whether you are looking to feel better or look better we offer a range of natural innovative solutions for health and wellbeing. Whether it’s Cryotherapy Services, IV Drips, Intramuscular Infusions, Teeth Whitening, Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Fat Reduction, Cryo Cairns has the skilled professionals to help you explore your options and determine the best path forward.

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